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    For WETEC-Consulting, every client is an important client, not depending on the Volume of his wealth Our aim is to serve every individual as a VIP client. Our intention is to create new investment ideas and Solutions for everyone to find the right balance between maximizing of returns and minimizing of risks. We want to be your reliable partner for a sustainable and healthy growth of your wealth.


At WETEC-Consulting we are a group of partners with more than 100 years of experience in various positions in the banking and financial industry, covering the knowledge of different areas such as Commodity trade finance, credits, asset management, private banking and financial engineering. The whole team has an extensive track record and expertise within the banking Sector.

Abous us

All our strengths are gathered in a network of top professionals which encompasses continents. Our roots are also based in different countries such as Switzerland, Russia and Azerbaijan. We combine our different know how in a network of top professionals from different areas in banking and from different cultures and languages. Therefore every client is getting access to all kind of different areas (geographically) and a broad expertise in different sectors.


Nobert Wicki

Norbert Wicki has more than 25 years' experience in banking and finance with various financial institutions as well as leading his own company. He studied law in Zurich and Bern and holds an academic degree in Law from the University of Bern. He was also awarded Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 1996. Mr Wicki started his career with the Swiss Banking Corporation (SBC), today United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) in 1991 and has been Working in various departments and roles including marketing, portfolio management and private banking. After SBC he moved to Dresdner Bank as a Senior Relationship Manager where he was responsible for German clients. Then he joined BNP Paribas first in Zurich as the Head of Private Banking for Germany and then moved to Geneva as Managing Director and Member of the Executive Committee Private Banking International, responsible for Middle, Central and Eastern Europe Private Banking. In this time he established excellent relations in Russia. Afterwards he founded his own company Private Asset Partners AG, initially specializing in asset Management. Norbert Wicki speaks German, English and French.

Ralph Kurmann

Ralph Kurmann has more than 20 years' experience in banking and has spent 15 years as a specialist for Fixed Income and Structured Products in various international Investment banks Such as SBC Warburg, ABN Amro, Barclays Capital, Unicredit and Macquarie Ltd. During this time, he was responsible for the coverage and sales to institutional investors including pension funds and insurance Companies as well as Banks and independent Asset Managers. Additionally he was responsible for building up Sales-Teams and implementing strategies to cover the Swiss Market in the areas mentioned. In addition to a comprehensive education in Banking he also Successfully completed his studies as a business economist in 2002. Ralph Kurmann speaks German, English and French.

Rofel Gurbanov

Before starting his activity in the banking sector, Mr. Rofel Gurbanov was working in the industrial and agricultural sector of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Mr. Gurbanov has more than 20 years' experience in different banking institutions such as the Gandzha Branch of Agroprombank (Head of Credit Department), International Bank of Azerbaijan (Senior Investment Manager), Prominvestbank (Head of the Khatainsk Branch) and Bank Nikoil in Azerbaijan (First Deputy Chairman of the Board).

Sergey Potashev

Sergey Potashev has more than 35 years' experience in banking and finance with various banks and financial institutions in Moscow, Vienna and Zurich, especially focused on the credit sector. He holds an honors degree from the Moscow Financial Institute, Faculty of International Economic Relations. Mr Potashev Speaks Russian, English and German.


In a globalized world every individual should find the best advice for all his financial requests. Banks in general are trying to maximize their revenues - no matter on the size or history of the client. A Family Office is mainly focusing on the top segment, specialized in services for the UHNW clientele (ultra-high networth). But who is taking care of the so-called "normal" clients?

We as a team Want to Combine all our experience and know-how to offer independent and bold solutions for individual people, Families and even companies who are not in a position to choose VIP banking or family office services. Our goal is to achieve the same services and results for our clients as they would receive being a VIP Banking and/or Family Office - client. Our team is dedicated to offer best independent financial advice for anybody who is looking for tailor-made solutions around his wealth, no matter of size and volume.

Our services

- Independent advice on capital preservation and yield enhancement
- Advice on how to create your own portfolio, managing your risk appetite according to your performance ideas
- Analysis of existing portfolios
- Creating new investment ideas related to your Specific needs
- Consolidation of different bank accounts and ongoing monitoring of investments, risks and Currencies
- Help and advice to open new bank accounts and to find the suitable bank in the appropriate jurisdiction
- Help and advice to open one or several companies in various jurisdictions
- Structuring your wealth preservation

Product ideas

Our extensive know-how in structuring and Creating products and Solutions will help you to find the perfect matching investment for your needs. Whether you are looking for capital preservation, yield enhancement, a combination of both, higher potential return without extensive risk enhancement, ideas for short-term investments with a positive Yield in the current low yield environment; we are highly experienced to figure out the best possible solutions for you to find the suitable opportunity. As an example you will find some of the products below, all done in the Year 2017:

Index-Strategy Product in USS- underlying exposure; 4 global Indices (Russia, China, Japan, Australia)

6 Years Maturity, callable every 3 month at 100% including a quarterly Coupon of 2.50% (10% Yield p.a.)

Index-Strategy Product in EUR - underlying exposure; 4 companies in the Telecom-Sector

6 Years Maturity, Callable every 3 month at 100% including a quarterly Coupon of 2.30% (9.20% Yield p.a.)

Index-Strategy Product in EUR - underlying exposure; 4 out of the Top 30 global companies (different sectors)

6 Years Maturity, callable every 3 month at 100% including a quarterly Coupon of 2.80% (11.20% Yield p.a.)

In terms of risk exposure, all 3 products were extensively back tested with a result of a potential loss on all 3 products between 0% and maximum 3%. In terms of risk-reward these products can therefore be considered as very attractive.


You would like to receive Some of our product- and investment-ideas automatically by E-Mail? If yes, please fill out the application form electronically and you will be receiving it on a regular basis. Important to know; it's all about the quality and not the quantity. Therefore we will only send you ideas which are Worth to have a look at For any direct advice or inquiry please contact us directly and we'll be answering promptly.


Center of Competence
We provide all our services around the globe. We can either meet you personally to discuss your needs or you can apply electronically and we will advise you online. Please call us or Send an inquiry to our email address or apply for online services directly.
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